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[09 Aug 2006|09:17am]
i'm going to miss him so much. we've only been dating for 2 months, but its been unbelieveable & perfect the entire time. and now i'm leaving. we finally get together after 2 years of having a crush on him, i find out he's closest thing i've ever had to real love, we talk about getting married & being high school sweethearts, and now i leave.
i don't know if our relationship can last through college. i think about what i'll be missing out on, because certain friends of mine are really coming down on our relationship, saying how much i'll miss.
what will i miss out on? drunken hook ups? bad judgement that makes you want to hide your face in shame for who you did while you were drunk?
the guide at USC said 80% of people meet the person they're going to marry in college. well what if i've already met mine?
and if i havn't yet, won't i know when i meet him?

he makes me laugh whenever i'm with him, i feel comfortable enough with him to do stupid, retarted things, and im not worried about him likeing me less. he loves his family, good to his sister, loyal to his friends, the perfect boyfriend.
and now i'm leaving the best thing i have.

i'll be coming home at least once a month, but thats not alot. at all.
and he has football, so i wont see him at all untill thats over. which is like november.

but i'll be back in November for thanksgiving, and then again for Christmas & New Years, and then Spring Break, then Summer starts in May.

God i'm gonna miss him.
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[30 Mar 2006|04:15pm]
[ mood | waiting... ]

So i guess everything has kinda fallen into place. school is chill, friends are amazing, and i've gotten next year figured out somemore.

i just bought some belly button rings online, and considering the little stand at the mall charges $20 at least for all the rings, i did pretty well & was a thrifty shopper

sooooo i have 5 new belly button rings on the way for SB'06. i cant WAIT for spring break. so much has been going on that a week down in Miami is EXACTLY what i need. uhhhm, can you say perfection?
but im supposed to be SAVING MONEY. not buying new belly button rings & getting my hair done.
((im waiting till 5 so i can go get my hair did. yay))

buuuuuuuuuuut harris teeter never works me, and im poor.
so in one afternoon i'll be spending AT LEAST $110. damn hopefully i have enough in my bank account to handle all that. stupid harris teeter.

work makes me violent to no end. Unless i'm working with Daniel or a couple other people, i LITTERALLY have an emotional breakdown & go hysterical. THATS how u kno u need a job change. not when ppl make you mad, or something happens to upset you. no, that just sucks.
you kno u need a job change when simply WORKING makes u violent. gah.
but i guess some good stuff has come out of Harris Teeter.

for instance.
if u live in the Charlotte Area, u might have heard news/gossip/absolute pointless information ab the girl from Matthews who was in Victoria's Secret & Sports Illustrated & all that. well apperantly her mom shops at my Harris Teeter, and every time shes in there she tells me i need to call her daughter's agent. litterally everytime. so finally i broke down & let her give me the number of some agent guy.i dunno if i'll call him, but i guess i should at least give it a try.

but aside from that (and some PRIMO eye candy) harris teeter has been shit. if it wasnt for The AMAZING friends i have there,i'd deff kill myself.

next year is turning out to be SO SCARY. not just the scary of not being decided & just feelin panic-y cus u dont know where your going and all that shit. no. this is a different type of fear. this time im scared cus college is LOOMING. im only going to be in high school for TWO MORE MONTHS. TWO. i realized JUST yesterday that i am NOT ready to leave high school. i'm gonna love the constant party & no rules next year, but i do NOT want to leave catholic. the best friends I’ve ever had are here. I my closest friends I know I’ll keep in touch with, but what about my random friends? The people I’ve seen everyday and have become friends with, who I actually enjoy talking to? I will most likely Never see these people till our 10 year reunion.

That will be so new. I’ve never gone & left friends before. So this will be eye opening.

.: And In This Moment, I Am Happy :.

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[19 Feb 2006|07:48pm]
[ mood | pissy ]

So I was going to do a day-by-day update of my weekend, but then I realized I couldn’t. I couldn’t write about what I really did because I lied to so many different people about my plans, my location, what I did. It’s just so overwhelming how many stories I had going on this weekend.

For example, if I were to explain what I actually did on any given day, I’m positive at least ONE person would be like “uhm thanks for ditching me” and get bitter and mad. And those who know me, know about my Passive Aggressive tendencies and how I avoid drama & conflict.

But I did get a men’s lax stick & pink ball. My dad decided that even tho he didn’t let me play CCHS lax, he still wanted me to play lax. wtf. Little late for that daddy. But anyway, Kevin said he & Woody would teach me how to really play lax, but I needed to get a guys stick. So I did, and got a BRIGHT pink ball (Which makes me really happy) and today (Sunday) I went over & played lax for a while.

And then Cam shot me with an aero soft gun. That was fun.

I had a great weekend though : )

Except I should be out right now, fucking retarded parents.

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[13 Feb 2006|03:48pm]

i guess i just dont understand why.
why would you say things like that?
why would he saw all those perfect things but then turn
around and basically do the exact opposite?
i just dont really understand.
i've pretty much decided that every romantic interest i have
will not work out, will not end well,
will not make me feel better. how can it?
when all i do is wonder ab WHY they do it.
what hes thinking
what hes doing.
he was the one who told me QUOTE
"i promise i'd treat you right, like you should be treated."
really? cus im pretty sure you've done nothing
but treat me the way you SWORE not to.
and THATS what i can't understand
like, i just really dont understand what can make someone tell you things
and sweep you off your feet, but then disappear.
but i guess thats not true either. i know exactly where he is.
right back with the Ex. just like he SWORE he wouldn't.
so if every promise hes ever made is a lie
then whats to make me believe him ever again?
and why should i? hes a waste.
just like every other guy i know.

Happy Valentines Day.

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[31 Jan 2006|09:12pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

so i pretty had a good day.

except for minor driving mishaps. whatever, people should just learn to get out of my way.

anyway. after school me & erin went to go get her daddy's birthday present
so i went and got my PayCheck, its a whopping $30 which is horrible considering what they usually are, and now that i found out my checking account is $309.

it used to be $1,ooo

i really wish i knew how i spent $700. anyway

so i went back to the Y and applied again, because it had been a long time, and i talked to Both of the managers of the departments i want to work in, and apperantly last time i filled out the Application, i did it wrong (because some random steriod popping idiot told me how to do it) and i have a good feeling about this! i really hope i get this job...

anyway, me & alyssa went to a Sculpt class which only semi kicked my ass which was exciting.
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* This Is Not Enough * [24 Jan 2006|04:40pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Wow, so i love how the work load like, comes in waves. like really, its either Feast or Famine.

so after staying up till Midnight (which is really good for me actually) finishing english paper, i was super tierd, got up late, and couldnt go get Ash cupcakes for her B-day. which deff made me made. i was all excited about getting cup cakes for her! well boo. anyway. 18th birthday, vinxylove33shes legal now yay! hahaha go wish her a happy birthday!

hmm so after school which was as always, boring, i dropped erin off and went running for awhile, so i feel way better now.

and things are still up in the air as far as SB'06, hell i dont even kno about this weekend. poo.

Miami would be pimp as hell for spring break tho...
and i wanna go down to USC and visit everything...which makes me really want to go down w. the pookster this weekend.


+*+ FUck yeA We cAn LivE liKe This +*+

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[18 Jan 2006|05:26pm]
[ mood | *yawn* ]

1. Honestly, where are you now?
Sitting in my moms office

2. Honestly, have you ever failed a subject in high school?
My final grade has never been an F, but right now I'm deff failing Math & AP Euro

3. Honestly, what's on your mind?
well i just got Starbucks w Cam, so im still on that, but usually its about my guy situation. leave me alone im a teenage girl, what do you expect.

4. Honestly, what is it that you really should be doing right now?
Oh most Deff should be doing all the homework i have

5. Honestly, have you brushed your teeth today?

6. Honestly, who are your best buddies in the world?
Erin, Allie, Ashley, Peter, Alyssa and OF COURSE my Catherine.

7. Honestly, who is the hottest person you know?
Mhm without a Doubt, Bond.

8. Honestly, are you a good friend?
Yea, i think so.

9. Honestly, do you think school is important?
YEA, i do, im going to be rich, so i have to be smart.

10. Honestly, what are your dreams mostly about?
My friends or something. i usually have really good dreams.

11. Honestly, who/what makes you happy most of the time?
SHOPPING ALWAYS MAKES ME HAPPY. especially shoe shopping.

12. Honestly, what hobbies do you have?
SHOPPING, riding, lacrosse, water skiing, camping, eating.

13. Honestly, what song are you listening to?
Rip Her To Shreds (off the Mean Girls Soundtrack)

14. Honestly, who do you want to see at this very moment?

15. Honestly, do you have a deadly disease?
uhm.ew. no.

16. Honestly, do you hate someone right now?
No. i like everyone.

17. Honestly, who/what do you want to hug right now?

18. Honestly, are you bored?
Na, this is pretty entertaining

19. Honestly, who do you want to slap right now?

20. Honestly, wouldn't you rather be having sex right now?
hmm not really actually. Rather be shopping : )

21. Honestly, do you like someone?

22. Honestly, are you single?

23. Honestly, does anyone like you?
yes, at least thats what *they* say

24. Honestly, have you done anything illegal?

25. Honestly, what was it?
uhm, most recent? Underage Drinking.

26. Honestly, Who is the last person who hurt you?
Physically? Cam. Emotionally is deff Michael.

27. Honestly, What are you going to do with the rest of your life?
Travel the entire world, find the right guy and spend the rest of my days as a trophy wife.

hehe ya i think thats amazingly cute.

SO all most all that gay school shit from yesterday has been resolved, and i'm doing way better.

even though last night was one of the worst i've had in a long long time

mhhm but i'm not gonna go there. stupid shit. anyway. i get home from school and have the house to mysellllfff which automatically makes any day better.
so cam deff came & picked me up n went to starbucks, btw try a white mocha latte or something if u get a chance, really good.
ANd mi madre is coming home with a Lean Cuisine (sp?)for me cus i randomly want to be healthy.

hmm still have bunches of homework, but its obviously not gonna get done... seriously, who does homework.
*instead, im making Erin a CrossWord Puzzle*

ya, u know you want one.

.: I know What Girls Want, I know What Girls Like, They Wanna Stay Up, And PArTy AlL NigHt :.
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Horrid, Putrid, Malificent, Malignant, Malevolent... [17 Jan 2006|03:56pm]
[ mood | violent ]

so about the worst day of school ever...

ya this was it.

it starts out with me realizing i had a 3 chapter test in AP Euro i forgot about, AND i forgot about the Unit Review, which is a major test grade. so i was like, shit i gotta do that unit review (cus those are the only things that keep my grade decent in that class)

and then i run into Chelsea Alison, Katie & Michael who tell me they got Wilson to push back the due date of the test and Review till tomorrow, which COMPLETELY changed my morning. it meant i actually had a chance to study & do well n shit.

Mr. Wilson comes back from Paris in a pissy ass mood, and EveryOne felt it today.
says that even though the Sub didn't write anything Bad about My Politics Class, the sub didn't write anything good either...so now the test is closed notes.

and because I thought there was something wrong with that, since we were pretty good, i spoke up and said something...and all he did was single me out and bring up that shit from back in November when i got in trouble with him. ridicules me and 2 other people for speaking everyone's thoughts that it was Bullshit

and then comes AP Euro. And mr. wilson's just talking and *someone* volunteers the information that our class had a 2 day party and the sub didn't do anything to stop it. Well E.Will didn't kno that, so when he found out he was livid.

he basically bitched at us for 30 mins, and then in the last 20 mins decided to give us the test Anyway AND that if u didn't have your unit review done, you got a Zero.
SO. NOT ONLY did i get an F on the Test, I got ANOTHER test grade of 0. fuckin sweet.

like really. i cant handle this. today has been horrible.

leaks all over the school. And my english class smelled like VOMIT because after the rain last night, a leak basically poured nasty sewage water all over.

shit i can't wait to get out of this retarted school and go to a gorgeous campus.

hmm so now im supposed to go studdy for the 140 question politics test, do my (now superfluous unit reviews), study for a math test i MUST do good on, AND to top it off...Study for my Spanish Test.


.:It's A Good Year For A Murder, Shes Prayin To Jesus, Shes Pullin' The Trigger:.
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In 2005.... [22 Dec 2005|07:32pm]
[ mood | blurry ]

IN 2005 I..

[ ] broke a promise

[x] made a new best friends

[?] fell in love

[ ] fell out of love

[x] did something you swore never to do

[x] lie

[x] stole

[x] went behind your parents back

[x] cried over a broken heart

[x] dissapointed someone close

[x] hidden a secret

[x] pretended to be happy

[ ] got arrested

[ ] kissed in the rain

[x] slept under the stars

[ ] kept your new years resolution

[x] forgot your new years resolution

[x]met someone who changed your life

[ ] met one of your idols

[x] changed your outlook on life

[x] sat home all day doing nothing

[x] pretended to be sick

[ ] left the country

[ ] almost died from a mexican car jacker...

[x] given up something important to you

[x] lost something that meant a lot to you

[x] learned something new about yourself

[x] tried something you normally wouldnt try and liked it

[x] made a change in your life

[x] found out who your true friends were.

[x] made a total fool of yourself

[x] met great people

[x] got fucked up

[x] got something pierced

[x] rode in the bed of a pick up truck

[x] went to a concert

[x] went to the beach

[x] spent wayyyyy too much time on Myspace/Livejournal
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We'll Frolic and Play, The Eskimo Way.... [21 Dec 2005|04:42pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

hmm sooo this has been a WONDERFULL day!

i seriously love christmas so much. i really do, everything is so much prettier at Christmas time.
like walking through the mall is just the perfect way to spend a day. especially after your last exams, with your FAVORITE PEOPLE OF ALL TIME

so took beastly pre-cal exam which didn't turn out to be so beastly...or maybe i just did SO bad i didnt kno i was doing it wrong. either way... IM DONE, and dont have to think of it till January 3rd. HECK YES.

so went to the mall for some heavy duty christmas shopping with Erin, and we met up w. my darling Alyssa, and hit up the Victoria's Secret...SO Much Fun! anyway got lots of fun stuff for everyone BUT ME, but making people happy makes me happy. anyway, we met up with Allie Baby and Ashley!!! but only for a lil bit :(

Anyway, my twin is here, and we're going christmas shopping..AGAIN!

+*+ GEORGIA +*+

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Drop Dead Gorgeous and She'll Hang Herself with Pearls [01 Dec 2005|01:56am]
[ mood | frozen ]

"If this was easy, I would tell him I love him. If it was a fairy tale, I would kiss him and tell him I'm the girl he should be with. But this is reality, and this is rationality, and so I smiled and said, 'See you around"

so im deff up at 2 am frantically trying to finish my scholarship application for USC because its due TODAY.
ok so heres the story.
for some reason i can't keep the days strait this week. I knew i had to turn in my scholarship application soon, but it really didnt register with me that Dec.1st is THURSDAY, not friday.
so its Wednesday (the 30th) and i'm about to go to bed, and since i thought it was the TWENTY NINTH, i thought i still had another day to do the application. no. deff not. its due TODAY.
shit. i have no idea whats going on, i'm gettin diff info from EVERYONE, no one can tell me for sure, and i'm about to flip a shit.

ahhaha omg! i've been sitting here doing this shit for so long, the stuff i'm writing doesn't even make sense. like for example...
"I have experienced very little diversity in my schools, and I am most eager to experience some much needed diversity "
okay so it sounds pretty good, but i didnt even notice i wasn't really even saying anything, im actually repeating myself. I didnt even notice it till now.
im in such a daze im just writing shit that sounds good.

plus its super cold.
ever notice its always the coldest before sunrise?

+*+ Almond Skin, Bedroom Eyes +*+

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[29 Nov 2005|07:57pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

okay so i totally saw my boy today : ) yea. im happy. :D
anyway, while i was with him, the other SOMEONE happened to drive by...can you say akward/ironic. so i deff hid, that would have looked super wierd if i had been like WHAT UP. i dunno.
after all my appointments i met up w. my boy, then with erin & her toy. hehe ; )
i dont feel like updating, but i was just really really really excited.

+*+Hey Girl Let Me See How You Get Low+*+

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[27 Nov 2005|05:50pm]
ohhhhhhkay. so weekend was fun :)

last night turned out differently than i was expecting.
i was supposed to spend the night at Diane's and go to 'the crunk fest' at some random hotel, but my parents have THE most messed up logic, and were like, you cant sleep over on Saturday nights, you have church the next morning, which is crap~ we didnt even go to church today. BULlShiT. anyway. i had alyssa come over and keep me company, which was crazy fun. i love that girl like woa. ahah i decided we needed to go rent a movie, even though my dad wanted us to just buy a movie off the TV. but i was SET on getting the New family guy movie, but nooooooooo Blockbuster was sold out >:0 so it was a wasted trip except i rediscovered the best song EVER (Foo Fighters~ Darling Nicki) soooo good. go download it.now. oh and we stopped for coffee. ahhh soo good! i think i'm like, addicted. thats all i've been doing this break, drinking coffee. yum.

anyway. Sunday morning i woke up and had to convince allie to come to LAX. loser. psh, thats why its called POLAR BEAR lacrosse...its freaking COLD! haha silly bitch. so our game was really good, pretty hardcore. it was actually against the Polar Bear team me and Casey played on last year, so it was wierd playing against them. oh and their center, who was like, one of the REALLY good ppl on the team, was doing all the draws with me...woa there was some catty drama goin on...ahaha so i was playing really aggressive defense on her, like all up in her space and on her ((WHICH the reff told me i could do, i just couldnt use my stick to hold her back~ to which i told him that Women's Lacrosse needed better rules) anyway, she was gettin all frustrated cus i kept shutting her down, so shes like Get Out Of My Space!, and i was deff like - No, I will Not hellllllllllloooo its lacrosse, i'm SUPPOSED to be all up on you, its called heavy D.ahah i think she realized later how retarted that was, cus when were doin the whole "good game" thing, she was like, sorry about that...
thats right bitch. appologize.

so after the game me and allie hung out a bit with Tyler and Jeff(i think?). how cute is that, he came to watch her. hes a good kid.
oh wait...no hes not. grr. but thats a whole nother issue. ((i do like him -hes a cool guy- , i just dont like some of the stuff that hes done.)) anyway. oh and Tyler keeps sayin somethin ab hookin me & Cameron up, which i guess i wouldn't mind, since im technically single :)
allie and Tyler and that other guy (dont remember his name) were goin back to some random dudes appartment (dont remember his name either) to watch the game, and they wanted me to come with,but i have lots of fun homework to do. goodie.

so on a different WAY BETTER note, i've started talking to some really random guys, and i love it :)
So me and B have been playing phone tag for the past couple of days, never getting a hold of eachother. but his messages were soooo cute. he wanted to come watch me play, but the game had already started when he called, so i didnt get his message till after it was done. but i loooove that he was willing to come watch, for no reason. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ hehehe :)

oh and then after the game i defffffffff went to get ice cream to replace all those calories i worked off :) aahha not just like regular ice cream, oh no. with all the add ins~ Marshmello Fluff, Peanut Butter, Hot Fudge Sauce, Reeses Cups, Whip Cream......... mMMmhhMMmmm tell me that doesnt sound amazing.

+*+ Can I Get A Hand Clap For The Way I Work My Back??? +*+
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[26 Nov 2005|11:47am]
[ mood | stressed ]

hmmmmm so break has deff been...interesting.

my crazy polish relatives are in town, so thats just wierd. i dont kno ab them, they're a little bit too much on the insane side for me...
plus my aunt is like, incredibly selfish. like everything MUST be about her, everything MUST be done for her. it gets old really fast.

anyway. yesterday i went and got my nails done, but i dont like the color- it looked a whole hell of a lot pinker in the bottle. so, after i got my nails done, i went and "did what girls do best" as a certain B puts it....
southpark + me + christmas = amazing love

it was really wierd too, like we ran into a million ppl we knew. (we btw is me & nick, my mom,me and our relatives were driving down to southpark, so i called up nick, since hes one of the few ppl who lives down by S.park) anyway, nick was there to keep me company, even though he got super bored of me dragging him around.
ANnnnnyway. i got a million shirts and makeup n fun shit. i heart shopping, it makes anyones day better.

so what im TRYING to do now is get focused enough to do my USC Honors College App. done, which is not turning out well. its due on Dec. 1st, which is in like 4 days, and i still have to get reccomendations and transcripts n shit. omg im super scared now. transcripts take 2 weeks to send out, i have FOUR DAYS. recommendations can take MONTHS, i have FOUR DAYS. omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg this is me scared & stressing out.

and im really dissapointed in someone. and in myself, for believing him.

+*+ I think it is a Sign, that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images, and when we kiss they're Perfectly aligned +*+

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uhg [20 Nov 2005|02:40pm]
[ mood | pissed ]

okay so today blew. started out early w. my dad waking me up and asking me where Alyssa went, and why there were cars in our driveway at 11:30 last night, and he thinks i snuck out. BUT I DIDNT. oh well.
anyway he was mad too because i didnt get home till 11 last night n i was supposed to be home at 9, because i dont have my after 9. anyway, so he says i cant use the car for today and tomorrow, which is okay cus the only thing i had to do today was my lax game, and i was gonna pick up kevin cus he wanted to come watch. so that was the only thing that got skrewd up today. and tomorrow im not even gonna be here cus we have retreat.
uhg lacrosse was so bad, annnd im pretty sure i suck.like im sure everyone says that i guess. but no. like the TWO SHOTS i made that WENT IN didnt count b.c i stepped into the crease. god im pissed. like that stupid rule fucked me over. like i made the shot, and it was fine, but coming down & getting my balance, stepped in. so pissed. then i checked someone really bad. ((i think it was Jess? ok Kayla? anyway someone on the other team)) and she got a foul shot n made it. i feel like its my fault. and everyones like, oh jess you played so good! no, i didnt. god im so fucking pissed. AND to make it even better, im sick, like coughing shit up, so im on the field, sprinting, coughing, dieing. uhg. the entire way home from the old all saints school - which is like a good 10-15 mins - i was coughing the ENTIRE time. literally, i'd have maybe a min. or 1/2 a min. of breathing, then cough again. im falling appart and feel like shit.

but my weddington ladies held it down and played amazing :)

those bitches...

but it was really good to see everyone again, as a team. it makes me really sad, like it made me so sad to see all them together, one the same team. i miss them.

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The Best Week Ever [16 Nov 2005|04:56pm]
[ mood | amused ]

ok so since im really shitty at this whole daily update thing, im gonna do a weekly recap. but since its only Wednesday, it wont be as great, but i think you'll get over it.


so we didnt have school on Friday so it was soooooooo nice to be able to chill for the night. The pookster was supposed to come over but she came up w. some bullshit story ab being stuck at the nail place :P haha. so erin and Nick came over and kept me company while we watched the OC and CSI, my thursday night routine! anyway, thursday was chill and i enjoyed being a bum mucho.


hmmm Friday was busy. ok so earlier last week, i dropped my ipod and it just stopped working. and im like addicted to it, so life with out Pinkie was a bitch. anyway. i called up the Apple Tech Support guys and spent an hour n a half on the phone, installing and downloading all this stuff, and the dude was like, 'Well if this doesnt work, then theres not alot u can do, since dropping it falls under "accidental damage" and isnt covered under the warentee'. so OF COURSE, it didnt work n the guy was like 'u can take it into the Apple Store to repair it, but it will probably cost more to repair it than it would to buy a new ipod.' so i was so mad. anyway. so friday morning i go down to southpark to the store and play dumb and just told them that i didnt kno why it wouldnt turn on and work, so they gave me a new one which was AMAZING. woo! anyway. had to haul ass back to my side of town for work.

i worked with my TWIN. i love her. shes this new girlie at the Teeter, and a couple o weeks ago when i first saw her i immediatly didnt like her b.c i didnt want competition, and started thinking all these terrible things in my head ab how big of a bitch she was and all that stuff. anyway. so i go back to the break room and there she is, so i talk to her and she is JUST LIKE ME. like we have so much in common its so wierd. its litterally like we're the same people. any wierd little quality i have, so does she. so wierd. anyway. so on Friday me & allyssa are having so much fun just bein dumb. uhg and i got yelled at so much, and then the store manager came over and basically told me not to come to work if im just gonna talk. --->kiss my ass, im bagging grogeries, not preforming brain surgery<--- annnyway. so Alyssa invited me to go w. her and her sis & g.pa to Wake for the Wake vs. Miami game the next day. after work my mommy and i went out to dinner! it was so cute, and actually fun :o


so i wake up early to go with my daddy to the Airport to pick up MY g.pa and drive the Jeep back so my dad can pick up a rental car ((my g.pa and dad rented a car and drove up to Virginia for the weekend to visit some relatives up there)). then Alyssa & "Paw Paw" came and picked me up n we went up to Wake. OMG, such a GORGEOUS campus. like seriously, its EXACTLY how the perfect campus would look. gah i wanna go now just so i can live there. wow. anyway, the game was so much fun, getting hit on by random college dudes, and watching Alyssa's g.pa FREAK out when a male came within 10 feet of her. haha poor her! anyway. it was so much fun, i love that girl.


so sunday was crazy. started out with a huge fight w. my mom. ok so i had to be at my Lacrosse game AT 11:30. my mom wanted me to go to church, but church wouldnt get out until 11:45, so there was obvious issues. lotsa yelling. not fun. anyway, i went to church but left before it was even half over to go the game. which was kick ass btw. i played center, which i've never ever done before. (unless u play Womens Lax, you wont understand very much of the next part)i've never taken the draw before, like last year it was always Kelly and Becca who were center/took the draw. Amanda even tried to get other ppl to try it, including me, and no one could do it, so when my coach was yellin at me to take the draw i was like 'wtf are u serious! Oh god.' it wouldnt have been as bad either EXCEPT Kelly ((the girl who was on my team last year, and is AMAZING *like woa*, and ALWAYS does the draws & gets them)) was on the other team, so im facing off against this BEAST of a center, wondering how the hell im gonna pull this off. like seriously, imagine a person who has NEVER played basketball before & put them on the court against Michael Jordan, ya thats what it was like. anyway, i must have been doing something right, b.c i got most of the draws, which was pretty damn cool. it was awesome seeing kelly again too, shes so freaking amazing :) anyway.
the game STARTED at 12, and i was schedualed to WORK at 12, so i was kinda skrewd, cus i couldnt find anyone to cover for me. so i called up my work at like 11:30 and told them i was in Downtown Charlotte & had just locked the keys in the car, so i would be a couple of hours late to work. which worked out well, cus they werent mad, but i still had to haul ass from my game to work ((no shower either, ew. but i wasnt stanky, so it was ok)). work was gross, like always. i hate my job soooooo much. pisses me off. NEVER WORK AT HARRIS TEETER.


uh so school was painful n boring as usuall. but i got to ride afterward, so it made up for it. i rode this new horse at my barn who was trained Western so now has to be taught English saddle, so hes pretty green but still a great horse. he stepped on my foot TWICE tho, that lil bitch. anyway, he'd be soooooo much fun to barrel race, but they wont let me cus he'll get confused. makes sense, but still :(


hmm nothing special really happened on Tuesday except i got accepted to USC Columbia, which was one of my top choices, so that was pretty damn cool. :D


today was rainy, so it was good chill weather. and thats pretty much all thats happened, asside from the usual stress, endless homework, scholarship apps, college apps, test, quizes and other shit. boo. BUT our retreat is on Monday- Tuesday, then thanksgiving break so its going to be an ENTIRE SCHOOL-FREE WEEK, well no school week anyway. oh god. when i got home there were WASPS all over the house, and not the rich ones from up North ((and if anyone gets that, they are offically my hero for LIFE)). uhg its so freaking creepy. i hate them, and their damn stingers :( anywhoo, im off.

wow what a wonderful update!
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[14 Nov 2005|06:49pm]
[ mood | Wooooo! ]


helllllllllll yea!
GameCocks Bitches!
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[02 Nov 2005|06:16pm]
why cant i be a normal girlfriend?

i'll tell you.

because im not a normal girl.
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okayyyyyyyyyy [02 Nov 2005|05:11pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

damnit i was gonna do a nice long update ab the weekend & all that shit n fun stuff
but that goddamn boy has me so pissed i cant focus now.
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I bet you think this is about my boyfriend. but you'd be WRONG. [26 Oct 2005|04:36pm]
[ mood | What just happened? ]

so i guess i've said some things i shouldn't of.

and i think we've had a misunderstanding.

and i cant stand it when you're mad.

- even though it was all harmless -

>>>>> i didnt think i was saying anything wrong <<<<<

i think it all got misunderstood, blown out of proportion, and over reated to.

so what now?
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