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she's perfect, so flawless

or so they say...

26 June
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abs, ac/dc, acting, afi, aim, backpacking, beach, being a princess, being in the sun, being irresponsable, being lazy, being warm, bikinis, blade trinity, blonde hair, blondes, buffalo wings, busted, c.ronson, cake, california, candy, catching fire flies, cheese cake, chick flicks, chinese food, christmas, christmas carols, classic rock, clueless, coheed & cambria, coheed&cambria, country music, couture, cruel intentions, csi, dazed and confused, designer clothing, electric light orchestra, elton john, erin, fall out boy, family, fast food, finch, flirting, friends, funny movies, getting all dressed up, getting my hair done, glassjaw, going to the beach, going to the movies, gossip girls, grease, green day, grr from invader zim, gucci, guys, highlites, hooking up, horror movies, ice skating, iceicles, invader zim, jack black, johnny depp, junk food, kenny chesney, laughing, liquor, lj blogging, lynyrd skynyrd, magaritaville, making people happy, mean girls, money, movies, mtv, music, my bed, my cell phone, my chemical romance, my close friends, neiman marcus, new york, nofx, ocean, one tree hill, orange tic tacs, palm island, paris hilton, parties, pecs, pirates of the caribbean, popcorn, prada, prom, purses, quizilla, ramen noodles, reuniting with childhood friends, riding, rocky horror picture show, salt water, sausage pizza, sex and the city, sexy shoes, shopping, skiing, sleeping, sleeping late, smores, snapple, snow, snow days, southern boys, stage, stephanie, strawberry sour straws, sublime, summer, summer nights, summer wardrobes, sweet tea, swimming, taking back sunday, talking with friends, tanning, tennis, that 70's show, the ataris, the darkness, the fairly odd parents, the florida keys, the killers, the oc, the sun, the used, theater, time squad, traveling, trillian, trucks, vampiers, vh1, viva la bam, will and grace